Lavender Rodriguez - born in Hackney, London, raised in Hampshire - prides themself in being a “creative”: using any output to explore and express a plethora of ideas. Their work presents itself in through an electronic, Afro-beat outlet - after taking a break during the pandemic, they have returned to the Manchester scene with new music that celebrates and explores the intersectionality of queerness, mixed race and other life experiences. 


 Lavender is also currently enrolled on the Undergraduate programme as a composer at the Royal Northern College of Music, studying under Gary Carpenter. Lavender began composing in 2016, after composing in the Sound and Music Summer School, of which they participated in for 2 years. Since this engagement, their love for composition and creating music blossomed, composing for the Martin Read Festival and winning the Hampshire Jane Austen Composition Prize in 2017. Following these successes, Lavender went on to become a resident composer in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain in 2017-2018, having had works performed at the Tate Modern and the ICC, Birmingham. Whilst there, they wrote a one breath piece for the established Kathryn Williams, which is now featured on her album “Coming Up for Air”.

Lavender is currently working on a contemporary album that explores their experience as a mixed race, queer composer in a predominantly white, male middle class led industry. Their music is often seen and described as "groove-based", exploring musical ideas within rhythm and bass.

All this explores their own music and developing their own voice - Lavender also plays bass and violin for several artists, as well as producing alongside others. They currently session bass for artists Millie Milner and The Deadnames, Pedro Pedro Pedro and Menna.

 Lavender also has recently begun work in the industry as a music promoter, founding promotions and management company Tales From Other Worlds, working closely with From The Fields and Sounds From The Other City.


 Although she keeps herself preoccupied, Lavender has taught violin and piano to students ranging from ages 4 to late 30s between 2016-2018.

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